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PowerPro Dealer Management System
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PowerPro Dealer Management System
It's easy with PowerPro

To see an On-Line Demo, call 800-716-5211.  PowerPro has the Features, the Price, and Professional Courteous Support.  Before you spend thousands too much, compare PowerPro with any other product on the market.  We know you'll be impressed with what PowerPro has to offer.  Once you've taken a close look at PowerPro, the decision is easy!  For additional information and to view screen prints, click on the options to the right.  Or, click Feature Overview

PowerPro is a modern, flexible, and affordable Dealer Management System Software package designed specifically for the Powersports, Outdoor Power Equipment (OPE) and Rental Industries.  It's easy to install and use so you can be up and running quickly.  In a matter of just a few minutes, you can be processing sales, adding customers, creating repair orders, and printing professional looking invoices.  

PowerPro offers everything you need in a Dealer Management System, from Sales, Service, and Special Orders to Accounting and Detailed Reports.  The Integrated F&I Module and Customized F&I Contracts make processing a Major Unit sale quick and painless.  Plus, the F&I contracts present a professional image to your customers while helping to reduce mistakes.  For those who love QuickBooks, PowerPro easily interfaces with this popular accounting software.

The MicroFiche Interface Module seamlessly integrates PowerPro with  PartSmart, PartsManager Pro, HLSM and FicheFinder.  With this module, you can quickly lookup those obscure components and send them directly to an Invoice, Cost Estimate, or Repair Order with the click of a button.  It doesn't get any easier!

This is just the tip of the iceberg.  PowerPro offers extensive functionality in an affordably priced package.  Plus, it's modular so you can purchase only the features you need, when you need them.  You can start with basic Sales and Inventory Control, and add Repair Orders, Accounting, and other modules when you're ready!  Our unique and flexible design allows you to customize PowerPro based on your needs.  After all, isn't that the way it should be?  We think so, and we've designed PowerPro with this in mind.

If your current system is inadequate, outdated, or just too darn expensive, you owe it to yourself to take a close look at PowerPro.  We are confident our innovative software will help add value to your business and result in your ability to provide better service to your customers.  For Motorcycle, ATV, Marine, Power Equipment, and Auto Dealers, achieve greater profitability and customer satisfaction with PowerPro.

Take PowerPro for a spin today!  We offer a 30-Day fully functional test drive that won't cost you a penny.  Check it out!  It's easy with PowerPro!

PowerPro DMS Announcements

PowerPro DMS now supports Multiple Dealer Locations Linked Together
This new capability offers a high-end solution for the most demanding needs!  By using Microsoft SQLServer as the Backend Database, PowerPro DMS can handle hundreds, even thousands of users.  Additionally, it allows you to use PowerPro DMS to access your business data from anywhere, including another city, state, even from another country.  It also allows you to consolidate the database server(s) of all your dealerships at a central location or data center if desired.  Plus, you can allow each dealership to view Stock Levels at their partner dealerships and even process transactions on the partner dealer's system if you so desire.  Dealerships can be linked together even if each dealer has their own database server on-location.  PowerPro DMS supports all of the following versions of SQLServer, and can even utilize a mixture of versions:  SQLServer2000, 2005, 2008, and 2012.  Give us a call to learn more!

PowerPro DMS now Integrates with Toro's Dealer Partner Website and Master Parts Viewer!
 * Easily view Parts Diagrams and Download Selected Parts directly into a Sale, Repair Order, Estimate, or PO
 * Upload Purchase Orders directly to the Toro OMS (Order Management System) with just a few mouse clicks
 * Helps Toro Dealers work more efficiently!  Call to see a demo of these new time-saving features!

PowerPro DMS now supports Skins
 * Change the Look of the User Interface to suit your tastes
 * Over a dozen pre-defined skins
 * Users can define their own skins to meet their own personal preference

PowerPro DMS now offers an Integrated On-Line Parts Fiche Capability
 * Quickly view Diagrams and Download Selected Parts into a Sale, RO, Estimate, or PO
 * Currently supports: HO, YA, SU, KA, Harley, Arctic Cat, Polaris, KTM, Sea Doo and others...

PowerPro DMS now supports Repair Order Job Groups
 * Parts and Labor can now be associated with and sub-totaled under a specific job
 * Define any number of Job Groups and Job Steps on each Repair Order

PowerPro DMS now offers an integrated F&I Menu System!
* Print the Menu Options for Customer Review (Life, Disability, GAP, Protection Plans, etc)
* Add the Selected F&I Menu Options to the deal with a click of the mouse!

PartsManager Pro Electronic Parts Catalog
* PowerPro DMS now seamlessly integrates with Snap-On's PartsManager Pro Electronic Parts Catalog.

Please call for Current Pricing.  Ask about our Current Specials and No-Hassle Financing Options!  800-716-5211

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Screen Prints Additional Information

Typical PowerPro Configuration

Multi-Location PowerPro Configuration

Feature Overview

Customer Management

Sales Processing

Repair Orders

F&I Module

Inventory Management

Counting Inventory

System Monitors

Reports and Charts

System Security

Customer Support

Before You Buy

The Bottom Line

Users of Powerpro
Our customers carry all the major product lines including:
- Honda (Cycles & Power)
- Yamaha
- Kawasaki (M/C & Power)
- Suzuki
- Arctic Cat
- Polaris, Victory, Indian
- Kymco
- Ducati
- Aprilia
- Ski Doo
- Sea Doo
- Triumph
- Toro
- Cub Cadet
- Husqvarna
- Stihl
- Briggs & Stratton
- Murry
- Tecumseh
- LawnBoy
- American Yard Products
- and more...........

Our On-Line Purchase Order System interfaces with:
- Honda
- Yamaha
- Suzuki
- Kawasaki
- Arctic Cat
- Parts Unlimited
- Tucker Rocky
- Western Power Sports
- World of Powersports
- Toro Dealer Portal
- Others as needed

Our MicroFiche Interface works with:
- On-Line Parts Finder
- PartSmart
- PartsManager Pro
- Toro Master Parts Viewer
- FicheFinder

Our F&I Module makes working the numbers a snap. View your profit for every line item and the entire deal in realtime, as you work the deal. Immediately know if the deal is a money maker. Once you close the sale, print all of those time-consuming finance forms with the click of a button! 

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