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Price Update Utility for QuickBooks
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Price Update Utility for QuickBooks
QuickBooks Price Import & Update Utility

QBPrices - Price Update Utility for QuickBooks Users

Everyone loves QuickBooks!  However, maintaining accurate Price and Cost data within QuickBooks (or any system) is difficult if you carry more than a few hundred inventory items. 

With QBPrices, updating Price and Cost data is easy and automated!  Adding new items is just as easy!  Save time and improve accuracy!  For questions, or to place an order, call 800-716-5211

This utility assists QuickBooks and QuickBooks POS (Point-of-Sale) users with maintaining accurate Inventory Price and Cost data.  It allows you to Import and Update inventory items based on data from Manufacturer's and Distributor's Price Books (Price Lists)!

The Price Books (Price Lists) provided by Manufacturers and Distributors come in all shapes and sizes.  We convert the price books into a standard format and make them available to QuickBooks Users, for a fee.  The Price Update Utility reads the converted price books and updates your QuickBooks Inventory costs and prices.  There are options to Import New Items, a Subset of Items, or the Entire Price List into QuickBooks.

Here is an overview of features:

bulletUpdate Price and Cost of Existing Inventory Items from Manufacturer's Price List
bulletPreserves Attributes of Existing Items including On Hand, On Order, Sales History, etc...  
bulletAdds New Items into QuickBooks from Manufacturer's Price List, if desired
bulletSpecify a subset of items to update/import or update/import all items
bulletImport/Update items based on Product Range, Keywords,  Department / Category, or Custom Search
bulletSet Prices based on Cost Markup Percentage if desired or use MSRP Price from Mfg's Price List
bulletAssigns Department / Category for new items
bulletAssigns Income, Expense, and Asset Accounts for new items
bulletAssigns Preferred Vendor for new items, or you can leave blank
bulletCan import items as Inventory or Non-Inventory
bulletCan set items as Taxable or Non-Taxable
bulletUpdates item Sales Description and Purchase Description if desired
bulletImport/Update options can be customized for your specific needs
bulletImport/Update configuration settings are saved to make subsequent Import/Updates very easy
bulletSaves countless labor hours by Automating the Import/Update process
bulletHelps ensure accurate inventory valuation by maintaining current price and cost data
bullet Supports QuickBooks and QuickBooks Point-of-Sale (Quickbooks On-Line - pending) 

We currently offer a large selection of Price Books for several industries including Powersports, Outdoor Power Equipment, Automotive, Tires, HVAC, Plumbing, Compressed Air and more.  Additionally, we can setup a custom import/update file for practically any Manufacturer or Distributor.  The cost of Price Books is reasonable and they allow you to save a lot of time and labor costs as well as improve accuracy!

Stop spending countless hours manually updating inventory price and cost data and focus more time on managing your business!  Request a Live Demo today!

We also offer Customized QuickBooks Data Services tailored to your specific needs. 

Give us a call at 800-716-5211 or submit a request that includes a brief description of your requirements.

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Attention   QuickBooks Users

Update your QuickBooks Inventory directly from the Manufacturer's Price Books while preserving stock levels and other product attributes!

Stop spending time manually updating your QuickBooks Inventory Price and Cost data. 

The Price Update Utility for QuickBooks Users automates the process!

Business Owners
Are the Manufacturer's Price Lists updates getting you down?  Would you like to automate these updates? 

We can help! 

Please give us a call or scroll down to submit a Sales Contact request.
See it in Action!
See how the Price Update Utility for QuickBooks Users can help!  Request a Live Demo today!  Scroll down to request a Sales Contact...

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