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PowerPro Dealer Management System
Dealer Management System

QuickBooks Price Update Utility
Price List Utility for QuickBooks Users

TBlaster - Automated Text Messaging Utility
Text Blaster
Automated Text Messages


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et our Forward-Looking Innovation, Research and Development work for you. Our Powersports Dealer Management SoftwareOutdoor Power Equipment Software, QuickBooks Price Import Utility, and CRM Solutions help you achieve greater efficiency and increased profitability by stream-lining your business processes.  In today's economy, Business Process Optimization is essential to increased profits.  Our Products and Services help you achieve this goal without costing a fortune, empowering you to realize a positive return on investment within a shorter timeframe.

Our products serve many industries:  Powersports, Outdoor Power Equipment, Tire, Auto Repair, Rental, General Retail, Auto, HVAC, Service-based Businesses, etc... 

Our software will run On-Site  or  In-the-Cloud!  You decide which option best meets your needs.  Feel free to browse around and see why our products and services are the best value on the market.  We also offer Easy Financing!  Give us a call to discuss your needs!  800-716-5211

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Text Blaster Utility - Stay in touch!
The Text Blaster Utility is an Automated Text Messaging product that allows you to schedule Appointment Reminders, Recommended Service Reminders, Sales Announcements and more!  Staying in touch with your customers and increased revenue just got a lot easier!  To get started, call 800.716.5211  Read More...

Attention QuickBooks Users - Save Time and Money!
The Price List Utility for QuickBooks Users (QBPrices) is now available!  Update your QuickBooks Inventory directly from the Manufacturer's Price List while preserving stock levels and other attributes!  Read More...

PowerPro DMS (Dealer Management System)

 * Text Messaging Feature Added (Send Text Message to Single or Multiple Customers)
 * On-Line Warranty Registration Feature Added
 * Payroll Module Added

Equipment Rentals Feature is now Available!
 * Define all your Rental Equipment within PowerPro
 * Schedule Rentals by the Hour, Day, Week, Month, etc...
 * Easily review Equipment Availability to Expedite Scheduling & Reservations
 * Print Customized Rental Contracts with your Logo and Rental Terms/Conditions
 * Track the Customer associated with each Rental Reservation
 * Track Rental Hours & Fees associated with each piece of Equipment
 * Track Maintenance History for each piece of Equipment
 * Collect a Rental Deposit at time of reservation if desired
 * Collect the Rental Fee at time of Pickup or upon Equipment Return
 * This module is very flexible and some customization options are available

WebSales Integration Utility for PowerPro DMS is now Available!

 * This utility allows you to easily import sales from your e-Commerce Website into PowerPro DMS.
 * Easily import sales from eBay, ProStores, and others...
 * Automatically updates Stock Levels of items sold.
 * Automatically updates the General Ledger.
 * Tracks money owed to you by PayPal for auction site sales.
 * View detailed reports of your websales.

PriceFile Manager for PowerPro DMS is now Available!
 * This utility makes it very easy to keep your pricefiles current.
 * Automatically downloads updated pricefiles based on a pre-defined schedule.
 * Automatically applies the updated pricefiles to ensure your Price and Cost information is current.
 * Download Schedule can be configured for Daily, Weekly, Monthly, etc...
 * Allows you to view a detailed history of pricefiles downloaded and applied.

PowerPro DMS now supports Multiple Dealer Locations Linked Together
This new capability offers a high-end solution for the most demanding needs!  By using Microsoft SQLServer as the Backend Database, PowerPro DMS can handle hundreds, even thousands of users.  Additionally, it allows you to use PowerPro DMS to access your business data from anywhere, including another city, state, even from another country.  It also allows you to consolidate the database server(s) of all your dealerships at a central location or data center if desired.  Plus, you can allow each dealership to view Stock Levels at their partner dealerships and even process transactions on the partner dealer's system if you so desire.  Dealerships can be linked together even if each dealer has their own database server on-location.  PowerPro DMS supports all of the following versions of SQLServer, and can even utilize a mixture of versions:  SQLServer2000, 2005, and 2008.  Give us a call to learn more!

PowerPro DMS now Integrates with Toro's Dealer Partner Website and Master Parts Viewer!
 * Easily view Parts Diagrams and Download Selected Parts directly into a Sale, Repair Order, Estimate, or PO
 * Upload Purchase Orders directly to the Toro OMS (Order Management System) with just a few mouse clicks
 * Helps Toro Dealers work more efficiently!  Call to see a demo of these new time-saving features!

PowerPro DMS now supports Skins
 * Change the Look of the User Interface to suit your tastes
 * Over a dozen pre-defined skins
 * Users can define their own skins to meet their own personal tastes

PowerPro DMS now offers an Integrated On-Line Parts Fiche Capability
 * Quickly view Diagrams and Download Selected Parts into a Sale, RO, Estimate, or PO
 * Currently supports: HO, YA, SU, KA, Harley, Arctic Cat, Polaris, KTM, Sea Doo and others...

PowerPro DMS now supports Repair Order Job Groups
 * Parts and Labor can now be associated with and sub-totaled under a specific job
 * Define any number of Job Groups and Job Steps on each Repair Order

PowerPro DMS now offers an integrated F&I Menu System!
* Print the Menu Options for Customer Review (Life, Disability, GAP, Protection Plans, etc)
* Add the Selected F&I Menu Options to the deal with a click of the mouse!

PartsManager Pro Electronic Parts Catalog
* PowerPro DMS now seamlessly integrates with Snap-On's PartsManager Pro Electronic Parts Catalog.

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Getting Started

Here's a quick look at some of our products and services that may be of interest to you:

PowerPro - Dealer Management Software (Powersports, Lawn & Garden, Marine, Auto, Rentals)
QBPrices - Price List Update/Import Utility for QuickBooks Users
TBlaster - Automated Text Messaging Utility
Cloud Computing Services
Professional Training and Consultation Services
Computer Forms Automation Services
F&I Contracts, Forms, and Menu Products

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QuickBooks Users

Import Manufacturer PriceFiles with Ease! 

QBPrices Software

Work Smarter Not Harder Large selection of price files.  Import all items or a subset.  Leaves In Stock values untouched.  Saves many hours of tedious manual entry.

PowerPro DMS

The New Version of PowerPro is available! It packs more power and sports a great new look!! Check it out!  

Help has arrived! 

Call for a Demo and Free Trial 800-716-5211

Enterprise Edition

Take it for a Spin
Request a test drive of PowerPro DMS, QBPrices or TBlaster!  

There's both a Cloud Option and an On-Site option!

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We know you'll like the value of our solutions.
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