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PowerPro - Counting Inventory

PowerPro offers three options for counting inventory.  You can Manually Count all inventory with in-house staff, hire a 3rd Party to count your inventory (the count file can be imported into PowerPro), or you can utilize in-house staff and your own Inventory Scanner which helps expedite the process.  An Inventory Scanner also allows Inventory Counts to be performed more often. 

Instead of paying a 3rd Party to count inventory, invest in an Inventory Scanner and do the job right!!

Handheld Inventory Scanner


For about what it costs to have a 3rd Party count your inventory once, you can purchase the above scanner and efficiently count your inventory on a regular basis.

You can count all inventory at once (Year-End Count), and also count any portion of your inventory throughout the year.  PowerPro is completely flexible and supports whatever method you prefer.

Counting Inventory is Easy with PowerPro!

Counting Inventory
PowerPro gives you tight control over your inventory. 

PowerPro interfaces with an Inventory Scanner and makes counting inventory very efficient.

Scan Product ID's or enter them via the keyboard when an item does not have a barcode.

Options & Features
PowerPro offers 3 methods for counting inventory.

Items can be counted by Bin Location Range, by Product ID Range, or by Supplier ID.

The Date Counted information is tracked for each item.

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