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PowerPro Finance & Insurance (F&I)

Powersports, Marine, Auto, or Power Equipment Dealers need a system that will help them complete the process of selling their Big Ticket items.  The F&I Module was designed specifically for this purpose and helps with completing Major Unit sales.  You can also print the various Forms and Contracts required to complete the deal. 

The F&I Module is built directly into PowerPro, it is not a 3rd Party add-on product.  Hence, there is No Double Entry of data.  This helps make processing Major Unit Sales Quick and Easy!  It also provides a Professional Image for your dealership!  Here are some of the features:

bulletEnter both Buyer and Co-Buyer and print this information on the contracts
bulletHandles Major Unit, Parts, Accessories, Warranty, Insurance, Fees, etc...
bulletHandles 3rd Party Financing (Banks, Manufacturer Financing, Buy Here Pay Here)
bulletTightly integrated with the PowerPro Accounting Module
bulletAutomatically updates the Accounts Receivables when the deal is financed
bulletCalculates Monthly Payment
bulletHandles Trade-In (Automatically adds Trade-In into your inventory)
bulletAutomatically updates the Trade Loan Payoff Payable Account
bulletHandles Customer Deposits (Tracks all deposits and applies them to the deal)
bulletHandles Multiple Payment Plan Options (Print for Customer Review)
bulletShow and Hide Deal Profit (Helps during Negotiations)
bulletHandles Alternate Interest Rate
bulletTracks Buy Rate
bulletOut-the-Door Price Option
bulletAutomatically calculates Sales Commissions
bulletIncludes a Sales Commissions Management Utility
bulletDetailed Reports (Profits - Front and Backend, Total Profit, Average Profit, etc.)
bulletPrints F&I Forms (Finance Contracts, Insurance Forms, Title, Odometer, etc.)
bulletExtensive F&I Forms Selection (Also, Custom Forms for your specific needs)


F&I Deals


When you create a new F&I Deal, the customer data is automatically filled in based on the selection made in the Customer Lookup form.  Or, quickly add a new customer right from the F&I Module.

You can quickly locate any deal within a few seconds.  You can print or reprint any F&I Contract with just a few mouse clicks!

We have an extensive selection of F&I Forms, and new forms can be added as needed.  Here is a partial list of the F&I Contracts:

bulletBuyer's Order (Customized with your Logo!)
bulletFinance Contracts (Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Bombardia, Banks, etc...)
bulletApplication For Title Statements (Motorcycle, Watercraft, Auto's)
bulletOdometer Statements (Units Sold and Trade-Ins)
bulletProduct Registration Forms (Motorcycles, ATV's, Watercraft)
bulletATV Training Certificates
bulletCredit Forms/Statements
bulletExtended Warranty/Service Contracts
bulletPower-of-Attorney Forms
bulletSales Tax Statements
bulletGAP Insurance Forms
bulletGAP Disclosure Forms
bulletGAP Cancellation Forms
bulletTire and Wheel Protection Forms
bulletPhysical Damage Insurance Forms
bulletCertificate of Origin Forms
bulletNotice to Co-Signer Forms
bulletOther Custom Forms based on your specific needs

The above contracts are available for many states, and additional contracts are added as needed.


Major Unit Sales and Forms Printing are Quick and Easy with PowerPro!

Hot Tip
You can print or reprint any contract at any time, quickly and easily.  No more wasted time hand writing contracts.  The F&I Module greatly increases your efficiency, and allows you to focus on closing more deals!

The F&I Module will display Deal Profit, Calculate Monthly Payments, handle Trade-Ins, track Deposits, and give you Detailed Reports on every deal!

F&I Features
The F&I Module provides a comprehensive set of  features.

Easily manage Sales Commissions for every deal.

View detailed reports that show the profitability of every deal, including overall average Frontend and Backend profits.

Customer Deposits are tracked and associated with the unit they wish to purchase.  When the sale is finalized, the deposits are automatically factored into the deal. 

Customer Deposits are easily returned, or can be transferred to a different unit if desired.

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