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PowerPro Repair Orders

Repair Orders are used to record the customer, customer unit, repairs requested, and both part and labor charges associated with service work you are asked to perform.  The PowerPro Repair Order system is designed to provide maximum flexibility in organizing and scheduling your service orders and is also designed to be as simple as possible while giving accurate and timely accounting information about service work performed. 

Repair Orders


When you create a new Repair Order, the customer data is automatically filled in based on the selection made in the Customer Lookup form.  You can also select the unit being serviced from the Customer Unit lookup form.  This allows you to easily track all service work performed on each customer's motorcycle, ATV, boat, snowmobile, etc.

Additionally, you can track all work performed on Major Units you have for sale, whether they are new or used.  Furthermore, as you perform work on units you have for sale and add accessories to those units, the associated cost is carried over and tracked against each Major Unit.  You can easily track exactly what's been done to each unit along with how much you have invested in accessories, add-ons and labor.  You see, the RO Module not only is used for servicing your customers, it also allows you to track service work, parts and accessories, sold to your In Stock Major Units.

The RO form allows you to manage and schedule service work with ease.  You can enter comprehensive details about the work to be performed in the Tasks field and document the exact steps performed.  Parts and Labor are tracked for each RO with as much detail as you desire.  Easily create an invoice with all parts and labor with a single mouse click.  For warranty work, the RO costs can be billed directly to your warranty provider.

You can create any number of default RO items, such as a Shop Supplies charge, which is automatically added as a line item to each RO.  Additionally, you can require your Service Manager or Technicians to purchase all items needed to perform repairs through the Parts Counter, or optionally allow them to sell parts directly to an RO themselves.  PowerPro is flexible enough to give you the option.

Repair Orders are easy with PowerPro!

Repair Orders
The RO Screen now shows pending Special Order Items under the Parts & Labor tab.

Job Groups allow Parts & Labor to be grouped and sub-totaled together.

Images can now be associated with an RO.  This is very useful when dealing with crash repairs.

When parts arrive for a unit being serviced, PowerPro automatically notifies the Service Manager and helps ensure tight schedules are maintained.

Repair Order Reporting allows you to track all aspects of service work performed and hours billed.

RO Features
Use PowerPro to keep your technicians productive via the RO Scheduling capabilities.

Easily check the status of all Special Ordered parts.

Track all maintenance performed for any unit, both store owned and customer owned.

Sell parts directly to an RO, or require the Parts Counter to process all Parts Sales to the Service Department. You can even do both if you want. 

Add parts directly to an RO from PartSmart, PartsManagerPro, HLSM, and FicheFinder.

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