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PowerPro Features

The Feature List of PowerPro is extensive.  It's not necessary to utilize all system functions.  However, it's good to know these features are available if and when you need them.  With PowerPro's flexible design, you can purchase each module separately as your needs dictate.  Here is an overview of PowerPro DMS features:

Sales Processing and Point-of-Sale

bulletFlexible and Easy-to-Use Sales Entry Capability
bulletAdd New Customers directly from the Sales Entry and Point-of-Sale Screens
bulletSales Forms automatically utilize the Discount, Tax Profile and SO Deposit Rules of the selected customer
bulletBack Order / Special Order parts and accessories directly from the Sales Entry Screen
bulletAutomatically Calculates Special Order Deposit based on Pre-Defined Business Rules
bulletOverride Special Order Deposit if Desired (password protected)
bulletAutomatically Calculates amount of Special Order Deposit to Apply when SO Items are Delivered
bulletHandles both Special Order and In-Stock Items on the same invoice/sale
bulletOver-ride Special Order or Delivery of items as needed
bulletUtilize Bar Code Scanners to Stream-Line Checkout Process
bulletInterfaces with PartSmart, PartsManagerPro, HLSM, FicheFinder and On-Line Parts Finder.  Add selected items directly to a Sale, Cost Estimate, or Repair Order.
bulletOptionally bill sale to a 3rd Party (Bank, Finance Company, Central Office, Warranty Provider or Individual)
bulletEach sales transaction is tracked by Department so the associated revenue is credited to either: Parts, Service, Sales, Rentals, or e-Commerce
bulletEach sales transaction (and each individual line item) is tracked by Sales Rep
bulletEnter a PO# (Purchase Order Number) for any sales transaction
bulletInstant Price, Cost, and In-Stock Lookups
bulletPrice Over-ride can be password protected so that management approval is required
bulletLocate items by Product ID, Supplier, Alias, Description, Application Code or Product Notes
bulletShows Color-Coded Line Item Status: Active, Superseded, Discontinued
bulletDisplays Superseded By and Substitute Items, also has Reverse Super Lookup
bulletShows Bin Location for quick retrieval (including Pick Tickets)
bulletEasily define and sell Kits and Assemblies
bulletEasily Handles Superseded and Substitute Item Lookups and Replacements
bulletWarns user when a Superseded or Discontinued Item is added to the sale
bulletInventory Stock Levels are updated as soon as the sale is finalized/posted
bulletGeneral Ledger is updated as soon as the sale is finalized/posted
bulletInventory Stock Levels are updated when items are sold to Service Tickets
bulletEasily record Lost Sales
bulletDefine and Process Recurring Sales (for Monthly Billing)
bulletCreate Sales directly from Cost Estimate / Price Quote
bulletCreate Service Ticket directly from Cost Estimate / Price Quote
bulletPrints full-page invoice (laser printer) or small 40 character receipts (receipt printer)
bulletView or reprint any invoice/receipt as needed
bulletDisplay your Logo on the invoice
bulletStream-Lined Point-of-Sale Screen
bulletRemote Sales Capability (process sales at race track and sync with shop)
bulletEasily Find Any Sale within Seconds, Search Options include:
bulletSold To Name (Business or Individual)
bulletToday's Sales
bulletYesterday's Sales
bulletInvoice Number
bulletAll Sales Not Finalized
bulletSales for a Specific Date
bulletSales for a Specific Date Range
bulletFinalized Today
bulletFinalized for a Specific Date
bulletFinalized for a Specific Date Range
bulletSales Associated with a Specific Repair Order
bulletSales Associated with a Specific Special Order
bulletSales Associated with a Specific Purchase Order
bulletSearch by Sale and Customer Notes
bulletCustom Search - Search for Sales based on your specific criteria


Inventory Management

bulletTracks Parts, Accessories, Garments, Major Units, Kits, Assemblies, etc...
bulletStock Levels immediately updated by Sales (reduces stock) and Receiving (increases stock)
bulletOn Order Levels immediately updated by Purchase Orders
bulletSpecify Inventory Reorder Levels, Qty Discounts, and Sales Promotions
bulletSetup Kits, Assemblies, and Job Codes (can include parts, labor, etc...)
bulletKits and Assemblies can consist of any number of items
bulletMajor Unit Tracking (Motorcycles, ATV's, Boats, Snowmobiles, Automobiles, Power Equipment, Firearms, etc...)
bulletInterfaces with Handheld Inventory Scanner for efficient Physical Inventory Counting.  Also supports RGIS Count format.
bulletOptionally define Application Codes for Parts and Accessories
bulletPurchase Orders (for Shelf Stock, Special Order and Suggested Stock Items)
bulletCreate Purchase Orders based on Sales and Special Orders (items needed are automatically added to the PO)
bulletPO's can contain both Special Order Items and Shelf Stock Items on same PO
bulletUpload PO's via the web (Electronic Purchase Order Interface for Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Parts Unlimited, Tucker Rocky, Arctic Cat, Western Power Sports, and Others)
bulletProduct Label and Barcode Label Printing (For Shelf Stock & Special Order Items)
bulletBarcode Scanning and Printing (for optimizing Inventory Management and Sales Processing)
bulletBarcode and Product Labels can be printed when items are received or afterwards as needed
bulletView and Print all Sales History including Special Order History for any Item
bulletView and Print all Purchase History for any Item
bulletView and Print all Receiving History for any Item
bulletAssign a Product Image to any Item
bulletDefine a Custom Message that is displayed whenever an item is added to a sale.  This is great for up-sell reminders.
bulletPriceFile Uploads consist of all products from each vendor's catalogue.  This helps make Special Orders very easy because all products are already defined.
bulletEasily handles duplicate part numbers
bulletEasily Find Any Product within Seconds, Search Options include:
bulletProduct ID
bulletSupplier ID
bulletApplication Code
bulletBin Location
bulletBin Location Range
bulletName / Description
bulletAlias Name
bulletPartial Name / Description
bulletAll In Stock
bulletAll Defined Products
bulletSearch for Keywords entered in the Product Notes field
bulletCustom Search - Search for Products based on your specific criteria


Customer Management and CRM

bulletEnter New Customers via: Customer Form, Sales Form, RO Form, F&I Form, and Estimate Form as needed
bulletTrack separate Shipping and Billing Address for each customer
bulletTrack Email Address and Birth Date (for marketing efforts)
bulletSet Price Level and Discount/Markup Percentage for each customer
bulletSet Tax Profile, Payment Terms, SO Deposit Requirement, Store Charge Option and Credit Limit for each customer
bulletEnter detailed notes for each customer (can also be viewed from sales entry form)
bulletSet Follow-up Dates and Follow-up Sales Rep for any customer
bulletRecord reason for Follow-up in Customer Notes
bulletPowerPro automatically displays Scheduled Customer Follow-ups for each user upon logon
bulletView and Print complete Sales History for any customer
bulletSpecify whether a customer should receive email advertisements and for which marketing categories
bulletIntegrated Follow-up Sales System (FUSS) that includes:
bulletDisplay Customers based on a wide variety of purchasing habits and/or amounts
bulletPrint Pre-Defined Mailing Labels
bulletPrint Pre-Defined Courtesy Follow-up Letters from the Parts, Service, & Sales Department
bulletPrint Pre-Defined Purchase Anniversary Letters
bulletPrint Pre-Defined Happy Birthday Letters
bulletPrint Pre-Defined Thank You Letters for Major Unit Purchases
bulletPrint Pre-Defined Scheduled Service Reminder Letters for Major Unit Purchases
bulletPrint Pre-Defined Recall Letters based on Make/Model
bulletPrint Pre-Defined Sales Flyer and Sales Event Letters
bulletPrint Pre-Defined Open House Flyers
bulletAll letters can be customized by your staff to meet your specific needs
bulletSend Email Advertisements and Announcements
bulletEmail Ads and Announcements can be targeted to a specific subset of customers that meet specific marketing criteria or to all customers
bulletEmails Ads and Announcements are easy to create using MS-Word or your favorite word processor
bulletDefine an unlimited number of email advertisements and/or announcement documents
bulletTracks which emails are sent to each customer
bulletSends email to customer when Special Order Items Arrive
bulletSends email to customer when Repair Order is Completed


bulletEasily Find Any Customer within Seconds, Search Options include:
bulletCompany/Last Name
bulletFirst Name
bulletCompany Contact Name
bulletEntered by Date or Date Range
bulletFollow-up Date or Date Range
bulletCustomer ID
bulletIRN (Internal Reference Number)
bulletDay or Evening Phone
bulletKeywords in Customer Notes
bulletSpecific Marketing Categories
bulletCustom Search - Search for Customers based on your specific criteria


Repair Orders / Job Tickets

bulletSchedule and Manage Repair Orders by Date and Technician
bulletTrack Work Scheduled, Estimated Hours to Complete, Date Promised, and Technician Assigned
bulletTrack RO Status: Open, Assigned, In Work, Holding for Parts, Holding for Customer Approval, Complete, Invoiced
bulletShows Major Units owned by each customer for easy selection
bulletCan add Major Units into system directly from the Repair Order Screen
bulletFor Crash Repairs, can upload images/pictures of unit into the RO
bulletPictures can be Viewed and Printed directly from the RO Form
bulletFor Warranty Repairs, can specify the Warranty Provider Bill-To Info
bulletTracks details about each requested repair task
bulletTracks Parts and Labor used to complete the needed repairs
bulletTracks Parts On Order along with PO Number and Order Date
bulletView Status of Parts On Order directly from the RO Form
bulletWhen Special Order Parts arrive for an Open RO, PowerPro DMS notifies the Service Manager
bulletInventory is automatically updated when parts are assigned to a Repair Order
bulletWhen parts are removed from an RO, they are placed back in stock automatically
bulletInterfaces with PartSmart, PartsManagerPro, HLSM, FicheFinder and On-Line Parts Finder.  Add selected items directly to a Repair Order.
bulletJob Groups (Group and Subtotal Parts, Accessories & Labor by Task)
bulletAdjust Quantity Billed and Pricing as needed (password protected)
bulletView and Print Professional Job Tickets (can view or reprint anytime)
bulletDisplay your Logo on the Job Tickets
bulletHandles Warranty and Non-Warranty Items on the same Repair Order
bulletCreate Repair Orders / Job Tickets from Cost Estimates
bulletRepair Orders remain open until all work is complete and RO is invoiced
bulletTracks all Maintenance History for each unit for easy retrieval and review
bulletSetup Auto-Add Items such as Shop Supplies, that are automatically added to each new RO
bulletDefine Job Codes that include all Parts and Labor associated with a given task
bulletWhen an RO is completed, PowerPro DMS adds a reminder to the Service Manager's Task List to perform a Follow-up Courtesy Call
bulletDisplayed RO List can be ordered in several ways for ease of management
bulletEasily Find Any Repair Order within Seconds, Search Options include:
bulletCompany/Last Name
bulletAll Open Repair Orders
bulletOpened Today
bulletOpened Yesterday
bulletPromised Today
bulletPromised Yesterday
bulletPromised for a Specific Date
bulletScheduled Today
bulletScheduled Tomorrow
bulletScheduled for a Specific Date or Date Range
bulletRO Number
bulletRO's for a Specific VIN
bulletRO's for a Specific VIN - Last 5
bulletAll RO's Holding for Parts
bulletAll Holding - Special Order Parts Received
bulletKeyword Search - Tasks and Notes
bulletKeyword Search - Internal Notes


F&I Deals (Major Unit Sales)

bulletThe F&I Module is built directly into PowerPro (it is not a 3rd Party add-on product)
bulletEnter both Buyer and Co-Buyer and print this information on the contracts
bulletHandles Major Unit, Parts, Accessories, Warranty, Insurance, Fees, etc...
bulletHandles 3rd Party Financing (Banks, Manufacturer Financing, Buy Here Pay Here)
bulletTightly integrated with the PowerPro Accounting Module
bulletAutomatically updates the Accounts Receivables when the deal is financed
bulletCalculates Monthly Payment and Payment Schedule
bulletHandles Trade-In (Automatically adds Trade-In into your inventory)
bulletHandles Multiple Trade-Ins with Ease
bulletAutomatically updates the Trade Loan Payoff Payable Account
bulletHandles Customer Deposits (Tracks all deposits and applies them to the deal)
bulletCustomer Deposits are easily transferred to a different unit if needed
bulletHandles Multiple Payment Plan Options (Print for Customer Review)
bulletShow and Hide Deal Profit (Helps during Negotiations)
bulletHandles Alternate Interest Rate
bulletTracks Buy Rate
bulletOut-the-Door Price Option
bulletAutomatically calculates Sales Commissions
bulletIncludes a Sales Commissions Management Utility
bulletDetailed Reports (Profits - Front and Backend, Total Profit, Average Profit, etc.)
bulletPrints F&I Forms (Finance Contracts, Insurance Forms, Title, Odometer, etc.)
bulletExtensive F&I Forms Selection (Also, Customized Forms for your specific needs)
bulletYou can print or reprint any contract/form at any time, quickly and easily
bulletF&I Menu System for selling Backend Products (Life, Disability, GAP, Protection Plans)
bulletThe F&I Menu System is built directly into PowerPro (it is not a 3rd Party add-on product)
bulletIntegrates with Credit Score Agency
bulletA partial list of F&I Forms include:
bulletBuyer's Order (Customized with your Logo!)
bulletFinance Contracts (Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, BRP, Various Banks, etc...)
bulletApplication For Title Statements (Motorcycle, Watercraft, Auto's)
bulletOdometer Statements (Units Sold and Trade-Ins)
bulletProduct Registration Forms (Motorcycles, ATV's, Watercraft)
bulletATV Training Certificates
bulletCredit Forms/Statements
bulletExtended Warranty/Service Contracts
bulletPower-of-Attorney Forms
bulletSales Tax Statements
bulletGAP Insurance Forms
bulletGAP Disclosure Forms
bulletGAP Cancellation Forms
bulletTire and Wheel Protection Forms
bulletPhysical Damage Insurance Forms
bulletCertificate of Origin Forms
bulletNotice to Co-Signer Forms
bulletOther Custom Forms based on your specific needs


bulletEasily Find Any F&I Deal within Seconds, Search Options include:
bulletCompany/Last Name
bulletToday's Deals
bulletYesterday's Deals
bulletF&I Number
bulletVIN - Last 5
bulletF&I Deals for a Specific Date or Date Range
bulletAll Deals Not Invoiced



bulletDetailed End-of-Day Reporting
bulletGeneral Ledger (Chart-of-Accounts, Balance Sheet, Income Statements, Detailed GL Reports)
bulletAccount Receivables (Track Receivables, Receive Payments, Debit & Credit Accounts, Print Detailed Reports)
bulletAccount Payables (Track Payables, Pay Bills, Enter/Track/Apply Vendor Credits)
bulletBanking (Write and Print Checks, Make Deposits and Withdrawals, Reconcile Accounts, Easily Void Transactions)
bulletEasily handles multiple Checking Accounts
bulletExpense Tracking and Reporting
bulletFinanced Major Unit Sales are automatically added into Account Receivables
bulletInventory Receipts are automatically added into Account Payables
bulletThe General Ledger is updated in real-time as transactions are processed
bulletThe Income Statement is broken out by Department: Parts, Service, Sales, Rentals, eCommerce
bulletMake manual GL Journal Entries as needed
bulletSet GL to Batch Mode if desired (Supports Real-Time and Batch Mode)
bulletQuickBooks Interface (Optional)
bulletF&I Manager Utility (for managing Sales Commissions)
bulletInventory Receiving Manager (for verifying inventory received against vendor invoice)
bulletGenerates Charts and Graphs for Detailed Financial and Sales Analysis
bulletSecurity Protected - All Accounting Functions and Reports are Protected via Detailed Security Access Permissions


Reports and Charts

bulletPowerPro DMS includes over 400 pre-defined Reports and Charts
bulletMost reports can be modified by the end-user if desired
bulletAccess to any report or chart can be restricted via security settings
bulletReports can be viewed on-screen and/or printed as needed
bulletReports are grouped by module: Sales, Inventory, Purchasing, Repair Orders, Major Units, Accounting & GL, F&I, etc...
bulletAdd any report to a Memorized Reports List for quick and easy access
bulletEach user's specific Memorized Reports and Tasks are displayed when they log into PowerPro
bulletPDF Reports & Charts - any report or chart (including Invoices, Cost Estimates, etc) can be saved as a PDF File
bulletPDF Reports & Charts can be Emailed or Embedded into Word or Excel documents
bulletView and Print Sales Charts and Reports for any Date Range
bulletEasily compare Reports and Charts based on Week, Month, Year, etc...
bulletChart Major Unit Sales by Date and Category (Sales, Cost, Profit, Qty Sold)
bulletChart Major Unit Sales by Date, Category, and Manufacturer (Sales, Cost, Profit, Qty Sold)
bulletChart Sales by Department and Date (Parts, Service, Sales)
bulletChart Monthly Sales by Product Category (Parts, Accessories, Clothing, Warranties, etc...)
bulletChart General Ledger Data (Assets, Liabilities, Owner's Equity)
bulletMany different Chart Types: (Pie Chart, Line Chart, Bar Chart, Combo Chart, etc...)
bulletAll charts are 3-D with nice color combinations
bulletPrint the Charts and Reports - File in your Financial Notebook
bulletUse the detailed Charts and Reports when attending 20-Group Dealer Meetings
bulletEasily Email an Invoice or Cost Estimate to a customer
bulletEasily Email Charts and Reports to your CPA, Investor Partners, or Banker
bulletUtilize the extensive Reports and Charts to stay in close contact with your Financial Position


Other Features

bulletRuns On-Site or In-the-Cloud
bulletSends Emails to Customers when Special Orders Arrive and RO's are Complete
bulletProspecting and Marketing functions help increase business (Letters, Flyers, Emails)
bulletTrack and Manage Sales Commissions
bulletTracks and Manages Major Unit Deposits, shows deposit(s) in F&I Deal
bulletCustomizable Reports
bulletMulti-Level Product Pricing
bulletMulti-User Ready
bulletQuery Creator for custom queries and reports
bulletFlexible Tax Profiles (Define as many as you need)
bulletAlso supports Canadian Tax Calculations: GST, PST, HST
bulletExtensive Security - Access to all functions and reports can be granted or restricted as needed
bulletPrice File Support (Extensive Selection)
bulletTraining Database for practice and new employees
bulletSupports Cash Drawers, Laser, Receipt, and Barcode Printers
bulletOver 400 Pre-Defined Reports and Charts
bulletOn-Line Fiche Capability (View Diagrams, Download Parts, add to Sale, RO, Estimate, or PO)
bulletParts Catalogue Interface (PartsManager Pro, PartSmart, HLSM, FicheFinder, On-Line Parts Finder, Toro Master Parts Viewer)
bulletLaunch Parts Catalogues directly from PowerPro DMS
bulletDefine Commonly Used Web Links that can be accessed directly from PowerPro DMS
bulletLink Multiple Dealer Locations for In-Stock Lookups and Other Tasks
bulletProcess Sales at Remote Race Events via Laptop and Import the transactions into  PowerPro DMS at your shop.
bulletRemote Sales Sync Process updates Inventory, Customers, Special Orders, etc...


PowerPro Enterprise Edition is a comprehensive Dealer Management System that runs under Windows NT, Windows 2000, 2003 & 2008, Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8, and 10. 

PowerPro DMS supports two database back-ends:

bulletThe Native Database is great for 1 to 25 User Shops
bullet Microsoft SQLServer Database, which can handle Hundreds of Users and Multiple Locations

With PowerPro DMS, you're path to future expansion is uninhibited.  Most dealerships fall within the 1 to 25 user category.  However, if you have 40, or 100, or 1,000 users, PowerPro DMS coupled with Microsoft's SQLServer Database is a solid and highly scalable solution that can meet the most demanding needs!

PowerPro DMS includes User Manuals for each area as well as comprehensive On-Line Help, Training Videos and Business Process Flow Diagrams for quick answers to your questions.

Included in the price is your choice of initial price files (subject to availability and authorization).  Additionally, you will receive up to 3 complimentary F&I forms.

The monthly Assurance and Support Fee starts around $100.00 and increases based on number of users.  All publicly-released system upgrades are included with the Monthly Assurance fee.

To ensure a smooth implementation, we offer additional services including On-Site Installation and Training, On-going Technical Support, Price File Support, Data Migration Services, and Custom F&I Forms.

Our Technical Support Staff will be glad to assist you with selecting the right computer hardware, barcode scanners, printers, and cash drawers.  If you have existing equipment, we can help determine if it will be sufficient to run PowerPro.  PowerPro does not require high-end computers.  Except for the server, a Pentium 4 with 500M of RAM or higher is fine.

Let PowerPro help take your dealership to
The Next Level!


Hot Tip
Before spending  thousands of dollars more, do a side-by-side comparison of PowerPro with any other product on the market.
Customer Support
We know that excellent customer support is vital to the success of our products.

Support is provided by professionally trained seasoned veterans that can answer most questions very quickly. 

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