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PowerPro Reports, Queries & Charts

PowerPro provides an extensive reporting and query capability for tracking all aspects of your business.  There are many pre-defined reports (over 400) that are ready to run.  Most reports should be sufficient to meet your needs.  However, you can modify any and all reports if desired.  For example, you can place your company logo on the invoice.  This is a simple process that only takes a minute or two.  Additionally, the Query Creator allows you to define an unlimited number of queries that can be displayed on-screen, sent to an Excel or text file and printed, or that can provide the data feed for a user-defined report.  New reports and queries are easily added into PowerPro.  The Sales Reports & Queries window is shown below.

Here are a few of the pre-defined reports:

Sales Reports

As you can see, PowerPro has an extensive list of reports.  Additionally, new reports and queries are easily defined by the end-user as well as SoftCom Technologies.  Incorporating new or enhanced reports into the system is extremely easy.  With PowerPro, you can feel confident in knowing the reporting capabilities are comprehensive and expandable as your needs dictate.

Let's not forget about security.  The report list for each module can be restricted so that only authorized users can gain access.  Additionally, an authorized user list can be defined for each individual report.  This ensures your sensitive business data is protected.


PowerPro also includes several Charts that allow you to visually analyze your dealership's financial performance as well as compare sales and cost data by day, month, week, year, etc.  Multiple charts can be displayed simultaneously and any chart can be printed and/or saved for inclusion in financial statements if desired.

Sales Chart

Additionally, most charts can be displayed in several formats including: Bar Chart (Shown Above), Pie Chart, Line Chart, etc...

  It's easy with PowerPro!

Reports & Charts
You can modify existing reports and add your own logo to invoices and service tickets!


Custom Reports
If one of the pre-defined reports does not quite fit your needs, we will modify if free of charge!

Our support team is standing by to help you make the best use of our Reports & Queries. 

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