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PowerPro Security

PowerPro security is very comprehensive.  It consists of System Sign-On security as well as security for each module.  For example, users are granted access to each module by the Admin User.  Additionally, each user is assigned access rights to each module based upon their needs or job functions.  There are five security levels that can be assigned for any given module.  They are:

No Access - Prevents a user from accessing or viewing a form, applied when Read access is not active

Read - Allows users to view the form, but not change any data

Write - Allows users to view and update data, but not add new records or transactions

Create - Allows users to view, update and add data

Delete - Allows users to delete data

PowerPro requires each user to provide a userid and password for system sign on.  The system security prevents unauthorized users from accessing your critical business data and also ensures system users only gain access to those modules and associated data that you authorize.

Additionally, there is a console lock feature that can be setup to secure the PowerPro application after a certain period of inactivity or upon user request.  For example, when the F&I Manager, or your A/R person leaves their office, instead of having to shutdown PowerPro, they can simply click a button to lock their PowerPro console, preventing anyone from gaining access to their terminal and accessing confidential information.  In essence, you can take comfort in knowing your business data is secure.

Here is the Security form where each user's specific access rights are assigned:

PowerPro Security


You can also setup and assign access rights by functional groups when you have a large user base.

The Admin user (shown above) is the only user that can assign access to the various system functions.  In other words, only the Admin user can open the User Access Rights form to grant and revoke user privileges.  Also, you can disable the logon capability for any user, except for the Admin userid.  This comes in handy when an employee goes on vacation or takes an extended leave of absence.

By the way, PowerPro allows you to define an unlimited number of users.  Additionally, once access rights to a particular module are granted, the Repair Order module for example, the Service Manager can sign-on at any terminal and gain access to his specific functions.  So, if he happens to be at the parts counter and needs to check something on an RO, he doesn't have to walk back to his office.  He can do it right where he is!

It's easy with PowerPro!

PowerPro security allows you to restrict access to data and reports as needed.

This helps keep your sensitive business data confidential.


Console Security
PowerPro's Console Security feature allows you to quickly secure the PowerPro Session when you step away from your desk.

When you return, simply enter your password to resume the PowerPro session. 

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