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PowerPro System Monitors

One of the more innovative features of PowerPro is the level of integration the product brings to the management of a hectic business.  Lots of systems let you track inventory, generate sales tickets, or create purchase orders.  One of the areas where PowerPro stands above the crowd is in its ability to tightly couple all these transactions.  And, one of the more interesting features provided by PowerPro to help optimize process workflow is the System Monitors.

Take a close look at the Repair Order Monitor:

Repair Order Monitor


PowerPro includes three separate Monitors that track system events in real-time; the Parts Monitor, Repair Order Monitor and Major Unit Monitor, each of which is accessible from the system menu.

Each monitor is designed to track and manage system-generated notes and reminders that are created when certain events occur.  Also, PowerPro users can manually send messages to any monitor.  These reminders help make sure the steps necessary to ensure smooth operations get done and with a minimum of running around the store to do it!

The RO Monitor is designed to by used by the Service Department or Service Manager.  It provides messages and follow-up actions to track the progress of action-items on events within the store.  The RO Monitor receives messages, which require follow-up by the Service Manager, from both Receiving operations as well as Major Unit Sales.  Also, the Service Manager can enter a message manually as a reminder to himself.

For example, when parts are received to complete a repair, the RO Monitor will automatically inform the Service Manager that a unit repair can now proceed.  The Inventory and Major Unit Monitors provide similar functionality and design.  The General Manager or Owner can watch all three monitors from his desk to stay abreast of daily activities!

PowerPro gives you the tools to stay in touch with your business.  In today's marketplace, competition is fierce.  In order for businesses to excel, every department and every employee within your business must function at maximum efficiency.  The System Monitors represent one small feature of PowerPro that helps your business operate more efficiently and with greater profitability.  Everyone wants to increase their profits and PowerPro can help!

  It's easy with PowerPro!

System Monitors
System Monitors provide real-time notifications and reminders about important tasks that must be completed.
The Inventory Monitor tells you when a Special Order has been received and reminds you to call the customer! 

The Major Unit Monitor reminds you to pay off the flooring each time a Major Unit is sold.

New tasks automatically appear as they occur.  You can log actions taken for each task.

The blue eye in the upper-left of each monitor will turn red whenever new tasks arrive. 

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